Local spots named top summer values


staff reports

Four local beaches were named in TripAdvisor’s 2017 Summer Vacation Value Report.

Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Panama City Beach and Pensacola Beach all were named in the list highlighting the top 50 domestic destinations for U.S. travelers this summer. The list is based on the greatest increase in seasonal hotel booking interest, including the average one-week vacation costs for hotels and airfare.

The report also helps travelers discover savings at popular travel destinations by showing the least expensive summer week to visit with highly rated value hotels. In Fort Walton Beach, best rates are from May 29 to June 4 with a 19 percent savings. In Destin, the best week is August 21-27 with a 21 percent savings, that same week is the best value in both Pamana City Beach and Pensacola Beach with a 68 percent and 70 percent savings respectively.

Fort Walton Beach was ranked 23rd, Destin 26th, Panama City Beach 32nd and Pensacola Beach 35th.

“TripAdvisor hotel pricing and airfare data show that U.S. travelers planning vacations to these popular destinations can save 40 percent on average when visiting during the least expensive summer week,” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

The data was compiled by seeing the greatest increase in seasonal hotel booking interest from spring to summer 2017 on TripAdvisor. Destinations were required to have a minimum of 200 accommodations. For more information, visit tripadvisor.com.