Fred Flintstone Pulled Over In Florida Driving ‘Footmobile’

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

A Florida man acted like he had rocks in his head — by getting pulled over for speeding while dressed like Fred Flintstone and piloting something he calls the Footmobile.

Don Swartz had a modern stoneage run-in with cops in his subdivision last week when he was clocked going well over the speed limit — and then raised eyebrows when he emerged from the driver’s side wearing an orange tunic that replicated the favored outfit of Wilma’s hubby. Deputies examined the odd-looking vehicle and determined it was, in fact, up to code — and, given the speed, Swartz clearly used standard gas and not old-school foot power.

Swartz was released with a warning and not rocked with any points on his license.

(Miami Herald)