Bubba the Love Sponge

Bubba the Love Sponge Mornings – Weekdays 5am-9am

Bubba the Love Sponge® (and yes he legally changed his name to that in 1999) gets you to work weekdays from 5a-9a on 103.1 The Blaze.

Joining Bubba are his longtime team of loyal co-hosts and producers, who bring a wide range of talents to the show: Executive producer/co-host Brent Hatley, audio production and impersonation wizard Manson, savvy hipster/resident stud Spice, and radio’s oldest and crankiest pervert, Ned. Listeners are equally familiar with and entertained by Bubba staffers such as 25 Cent, Miller, Hammil, Tom the Treeman, and more.

Bubba’s off-air interests, such as race car driving, enjoy a prominent place on his show, which has become the “go to” place for people who are interested in fast cars and bikes, hot women, captivating sports, compelling guests, and humorous, real-world political discourse of the “Bubba” kind. His 6-yearold car racing son, Tyler, his wife Heather, and his mother “Janiecakes” are frequently heard on Bubba’s shows and are popular figures with fans.

Bubba is respected for his ability to attract and maintain audiences with his lightning-quick mind and tongue, his sharp sense of humor, his everyman approach to many nontraditional radio topics, and for the unique lingo he often uses on-air, which fans refer to as “Bubbaspeak.” Fans of the show are known nationwide as the “Bubba Army,” and are very active in participating in functions and calls to action, where it is not uncommon to have thousands show their strength and support for the show.

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