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Here on the Local Break page we will highlight local bands that are featured on 103.1 The Blaze.


Astral Lite are a musical coven of multi-instrumentalists and psychedelic noise advocates hailing from the swamps of Northwest Florida, coming together for the sheer ecstatic joy of making music with a shared vision of gifting the psych rock community with mind melting and immersive listening experiences to all those brave enough to buy the ticket and press play. Allowing themselves to be vessels for the otherworldly disquiet that seemingly pours fourth from their amplifiers, channeling ethereal suggestions which have coded themselves between the church hall reverbs, gooey distortion, and subtle layers of fuzz, urging those susceptible to it’s message to let go and follow it straight up the steps which lead to the front door of the screaming cosmic abyss; the place from which Astral Lite’s sound was born, a sound best described as a seamless fusion of shamanistic mystique, the driving raucous of post-punk angst, a sprinkling of 1960’s era surf and garage rock vibes, elements of the shoegaze genre, and explorations of sonic filigree leaning heavily towards the wild and unruly freeform space and experimental art rock scenes; a myriad of ever evolving influences rounded out with breathtaking production rooted heavily in theories of synesthesia; sonic architecture that’s highly polished while remaining organic, inviting the listener to step inside and explore their diverse and sprawling audio landscapes, masterfully juxtaposed somewhere between the accessible “far out” and total deep end that comprises all of the uncharted territories spectacularly rendered by acoustic phenomena upon the transcendent expanses of the stereo field. This is psychedelia in all it’s glory. Welcome, friends, you have successfully found “the others”… Make yourselves comfortable, turn it up, embrace the noise.

Lineup – September 2016 – Present:
Johnny Palmer: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Tambourine
Ricky Stanfield: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass
Kaelin Boone: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Flute
Hailey Kills: Production, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Flute



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