Mark Dean

Who Ya Gonna Call? Mark Dean!!! Catch me weeknights from 5pm to 9pm.

Born in Kingston, England and raised in Northwest Florida since I was five years old. I’ve lived here almost my whole life though endless hurricanes, the Choctaw vs FWB Feud, and Destin Traffic . I’ve also been in radio in Fort Walton Beach since 2003. One could say I live and breathe for the Emerald Coast.

This is where it gets weird. I’m kinda a larger clone of Wes Styles with an obsession for the Ghostbusters. My other obsessions that come second to Ghostbusters are Doctor Who, Vodka, Star Trek, Vodka, Science Fiction Movies, Vodka, Local Music, Vodka, Aliens, Vodka, Pro-Wrestling (WWE and JCW mostly) and Vodka. I also from time to time really enjoy making my own short skits and movies on YouTube. Stalk me on the social medias or don’t