Baker senior gets surprise from John Cena


Annie Blanks @DestinLogAnnie

BAKER — A Baker School senior’s dreams partially came true when legendary wrestling personality John Cena sent him a box of gifts after hearing the teenager’s plea on social media.

Caymen Mainor, a special needs student at the school who graduates next week, was the star of a Facebook video and corresponding petition that went viral in March detailing his dream to meet the WWE superstar and actor.  

Caymen is one of Cena’s biggest fans. The teenager has adopted the wrestler’s signature phrase, “Never Give Up,” as his own.

“He never gives up and he is the champ, so that’s why I want to meet him someday,” Caymen said.

Cena must have heard Caymen’s plea, because, while he didn’t personally show up at Baker School like Caymen requested, a box full of special surprises arrived last Friday.

“He got a box in the mail, and it had a shirt that was signed by John Cena, and then he also got some wrestling videos and a couple of action figures,” said Wendy Mainor, Caymen’s mom.

Wendy said the box had been shipped to Baker School, and Caymen wasn’t expecting it at all. In fact, he was in disbelief that the box actually came from Cena.

“He didn’t really believe it was from John Cena,” Wendy said. “(His teachers) had to persuade him that it really was from John Cena, and he went through the school and went from room to room showing the teachers and the kids, and they were all excited for him.”

Caymen says he still can’t believe that his idol took the time to send him the gifts.

“It was awesome and it felt good ‘cause he actually got me a present,” Caymen said. “It was so cool.”

The teenager, true to his and Cena’s catch phrase, says he still hasn’t’ given up hope of meeting the famous wrestler someday.

“I do want to meet him one day,” he said. “If I see him, I’m going to give him a big hug and high five him and say, ‘Hey, I’m your biggest fan and I’ve been waiting to meet you and you’re an awesome wrestler.’”