‘Bleach scented,’ ‘murky’ water reported in Navarre


staff reports

NAVARRE – Thousands of residents in Navarre have reported “murky” and “bleach scented” water over the past 24 hours.

Some residents even took to the Facebook page “Concerned Citizens of Navarre” on Thursday night and Friday morning  to upload updates of the water’s condition and theorize what might be wrong with their tap.

On Friday, Paul Gradner, general manager for the Holley-Navarre Water & Sewer, put their speculations to rest. The murky and scented water, he said, is due to a major line break at Fairpoint Regional Utility. 

“Some air got let into the pipes, so what people are seeing are air bubbles in the water,” Gradner said. “The bleach smell is just the chlorine gas. When the bubbles pop, it releases the smell. The bubbles just intensify that smell.”

Gradner said, however, that the water is completely normal and safe to use and drink. 

“If you let the water sit for about two minutes you’ll see that it clears up completely,” he said. “It’s just from the air bubbles.”

Holley-Navarre Water & Sewer employees are now working to flush the air out of the 25 miles of water pipes.  

The company hopes to have the pipes cleared by today, Gradner said.