CELEBRATE COMMUNITY: Miramar Beach couple good stewards for neighborhood


JENNIE McKEON @JennieMnwfdn

MIRAMAR BEACH — Michael Bennett was out walking his dog one recent morning when he caught sight of two “treasures.”

“They were picking up trash along walkway on Scenic Gulf Drive between Seascape and Captain Dave’s,” Bennett recalled. “I asked them, ‘Are you doing this voluntarily?'”

Bennett stopped and got to know the couple, Stan and Mary Beth Ochsner, who moved to Miramar Beach a few years ago from Missouri. They regularly take to the streets with a large trash can to clean up the two-mile stretch of road. They call it, “Trash Tuesday,” Bennett said.

“They said they were surprised to find out that, contrary to their expectations, the spring breakers contribute less litter to the area than the summer family vacationers or snowbirds,” he added. “They both said they were puzzled why so many people would totally disregard the natural beauty of this area.” 

Bennett, who lives at Ciboney Condominiums, said the Ochsners demonstrate some of Walton County’s “most noble principles.”

“We need more conscientious people,” he said. “They are Walton County’s Trash Tuesday Treasures. The beach is God’s gift to us.”

Meeting the Ochsners and witnessing their good deed gave Bennett a good feeling. He only hopes the couple becomes a role model to others.

“It made me feel proud that I’ve chosen to live here,” he said. “I would visit years ago when I was stationed at Fort Rucker. People like the Ochsners make this community a much better place to live.”