Single-Lens Google Pixel 2 Camera Takes Top Spot From iPhone 8 Plus in DxO Labs Tests – Mac Rumors

I’ve cherished DXOmark but with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review that received the very same score as the iPhone 8, yet had nothing like the ecstatic tone as in the iPhone review, and now Google showing their DXOmark top score already in the presentation before it’s been launched, I’m starting to doubt they are uncompromised from being paid.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

– Headline: “The best smartphone for zoom”. (??? introducing doubt for everything else)

– Conclusion Headline: “Top ranking… for now”. (introducing doubt again)

– Conclusion: “When all the tests are verified, the scores calculated, and the perceptual analyses discussed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes out as an outstanding choice for the smartphone photography enthusiast.” “The Note 8 breaks new ground as the first smartphone to achieve 100 points for its photo sub-score. With new devices on the horizon from several of the key innovators for smartphone photography, will the Note 8 be able to hold onto its top spot? Time will tell.”

Apple iPhone 8 Plus:

– Headline: “The best smartphone we’ve ever tested”.

– Conclusion Headline: “The best smartphone we’ve ever tested”. (yes, repeated, as if a tagline)

– Conclusion: “Overall, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus is an excellent choice for the needs of nearly every smartphone photographer. It features outstanding image quality, zoom for those needing to get closer to their subjects, and an industry-leading Portrait mode for artistic efforts. It is at the top of our scoring charts in nearly every category — and in particular, its advanced software allows it to do an amazing job of capturing high-dynamic range scenes and images in which it can recognize faces.”

The Note 8 review is introducing doubts on whether it will hold its ground against forthcoming competitors, despite sharing score with the best smartphone they had ever tested, where that other review doesn’t even bring up that other excellent smartphones exists and will come in the conclusion that many skip to.

And now the Google Pixel 2 used already in the presentation by Google, before it is even launched. That is, Google has handed out review hardware to DXOmark even before launch, they have seen it received a top score so that it can be boasted about in the presentation.

Of course, it is possible that Google was just plain lucky to happen to get a measly 4% higher score than the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and that they would have had to change the presentation in the last minute if it wouldn’t have been, but given the vastly different tone in the Samsung vs Apple reviews sharing exact same score I’m not so sure anymore.