Hooked goose saved by community


“It was like something you see on National Geographic. It was almost like he knew, ‘Help me.’ “


DESTIN — It took a community to save a goose Thursday after he became entangled in fishing line and treble hooks.

Residents who live near the duck pond on Kelly Street had noticed him early Thursday and assumed he’d been hit by a car since he wasn’t moving. By late afternoon, Tommy Browning became alarmed enough to contact Lindsay Cannon, who is a hardcore animal lover.

“The other geese were trying to attack (Browning) when he was trying to help the one who was hurt,” said Cannon, who went to help with her 9-year-old daughter Maylin. “We got a big Tupperware container and scared the other geese off so he could pick up the one that was injured.”

Upon closer inspection, they learned that the goose had not been hit by a car. But it had so much fishing line around it, it couldn’t move. And the double treble hook had snared him in the beak and in the leg.

“I don’t know if this is worse or better than getting hit by a car,” Lindsay said.

The goose cooperated with their efforts to save him, she said.

“It was like something you see on National Geographic,” she said. “It was almost like he knew, ‘Help me.’ “

They got the hook out of his beak, but raced over to Airport Veterinary Clinic for help with the second hook. Even though it was after 5 p.m., clinic staff let them in and removed the hook from his leg, free of charge.

Browning, Lindsay and Maylin drove it back to the pond and found a gaggle of female geese waiting for him.

“He jumped out of the car and ran as fast as he could,” Lindsay said. “The three girl geese were hugging him with their necks.”