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A 20-year-old nurse fell 70 feet to her death in a terrifying bungee jumping accident at the Get Air at the Silo trampoline park in Grand Junction, CO. Get all of the upsetting details behind this freak incident.

This is devastating. Ciara Romero, 20, died on Jan. 4 while using a 70-foot bungee-jump feature at Get Air at the Silo, an indoor recreation center in Grand Junction, Colorado. Investigators, however, tested the device and found that it was operating normally, the company’s manufacturer, Head Rush Technologies, confirmed to local newspaper The Daily Sentinel. Based on their findings, Head Rush won’t be issuing a stop use order for the device anywhere outside of Colorado. See the saddest deaths of 2018 here.

The device Ciara was using at the time of her tragic death works by having participants strapped into a harness that’s connected to a rope. They’re then able to climb a silo’s towers and transfer to a wooden platform and jump off, down another tower, while still connected to a rope. When working properly, people should free fall for 15 to 20 feet and are caught by the device and lowered more slowly to the ground. After ruling the device out as a factor for Ciara’s tragic death, state investigators will focus on eyewitness statements and continue to share information with local police, Cher Haavind, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, said. “We’re looking at all possible causes,” she said. “This is extremely rare, which is why the investigation is taking longer.”

Get Air released a statement on Jan. 8 saying the company “feels deep sorrow and profound sympathy for [Ciara’s] family and friends in their loss, and expresses its sincere condolences to them.” It also thanked first-responders for responding and assisting Romero and her family. Our thoughts are with Ciara’s loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.

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