Cayla Wilson, pregnant woman struck by driver high on meth, has died –


Two years after Cayla Wilson’s car was struck, doctors allowed her parents to bring her home. Family members cared for her for the next six years. (Family photo)


The Oregonian | OregonLive

Cayla Wilson died with her parents by her side, her mother holding one hand, her father holding the other. Two tears rolled down the 27-year-old woman’s face as she took her last breath, her mother said.

She was at OHSU, the same hospital where Denise and Bill Wilson had rushed almost eight years earlier on April 15, 2010.

They had just learned that a driver high on methamphetamine had veered into oncoming traffic and slammed his Jeep head-on into their daughter’s Buick.

Cayla, then 19, had been on her way to an interview for a job cleaning houses and was five months pregnant. Doctors said she would remain in a permanent vegetative state. Her baby was delivered by emergency C-Section five weeks later.

The intervening years nearly crushed the family under the weight of grief, exhaustion and financial strife, but their story is one of resilience, love and compassion. Their daughter’s funeral is Saturday in Southeast Portland.

“It was all about making sure Cayla had the best care,” Bill Wilson said.

“Everything revolved around Cayla,” Denise Wilson said.