Search for missing man enters second day at Canyon Lake – KHOU


CANYON LAKE – It’s been more than 24 hours since a man went missing at Canyon Lake. The Comal County Sheriff’s Office says that Michael Talley, 45, of Houston disappeared underwater on Sunday afternoon and never resurfaced.

First responders have been looking for Talley since he and his daughter fell off a jet ski.

Investigators say that Talley took off his life jacket and threw it to his daughter, who made it to shore safely. It’s unclear why Talley took the vest off, though, because his daughter was already wearing one.

Search efforts ended at sunset Sunday and will continue until sunset each day until Talley is found.

Heavy rains on Monday morning caused a significant delay in the search. Texas Parks and Wildlife crews were able to get their boats in the water around noon when the rain let up a bit.

Albert Aguilar and his family were enjoying the weekend at Canyon Lake when they heard sirens on Sunday.

“First, I looked for my boys and my girls and the kids we have with us and I saw them, so I knew it was none of them,” Aguilar recalled.

Canyon Lake is known for its fun, but it also has a history of being dangerous. Two people died in separate incidents earlier this year.

Since 2000, more than 40 others have lost their lives at the lake.

Aguilar sends his condolences to Talley’s family. He says that he hopes others will see the value in wearing a life jacket at all times.

“He did everything he could to save her, you know, but if he would have just kept the life jacket he’d be with her right now.”

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