Missing man’s siblings seek private detective to boost search


Chip Michael Campbell was 36 years old when he disappeared. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, has brown eyes and brown and slightly gray hair.

Alicia Adams Santa Rosa Press Gazette @aliciaadamsSRPG

MILTON — Chip Michael Campbell has been missing since early 2016, and his family is still fervently searching.

On March 8, 2016, Campbell’s roommate, Tainya Rios, reported coming home to their house in disarray and Campbell gone. According to Campbell’s sister, Lesa Kissoon, Rios reported that there was mud throughout the house, the front door was blocked with a chair, the side entrance was standing wide open and his cell phone was left behind but had been reset to factory settings.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating the case, but so far there have been no updates.

“When we receive any new information, we immediately follow up on it,” Sgt. Rich Aloy, the public information officer for the SRSO, said. “The case remains an active/open investigation.”

Campbell was 36 years old when he disappeared. He is 6 feet, 2 inches tall, has brown eyes and brown and slightly gray hair. He is insulin-dependent and was diagnosed with diabetic seizures soon before his disappearance. He had a dog named Harley who he spent a lot of time with. The Milton High alumnus worked as a cook at a Denny’s in Cantonment before he went missing.

Campbell lived with his father, Reggie, in Milton when his father had a stroke. His father was relocated to a rehabilitation center in Milton where he currently resides. According to Kissoon, Reggie did not take the news of Campbell’s disappearance well.

“It was so hard to see him try to leave that rehab so upset by [everything]. All he wanted to do was find his son,” Kissoon said. “He was in his wheelchair in the parking lot escaping.”

After his father moved out, Campbell eventually allowed Rios to move into the home in late December 2015, according to Kissoon.

On June 30, Kissoon was a guest on Ed Dentzel’s podcast series, “Unfound: A Missing Person’s Program.” Kissoon shared the details of her brother’s disappearance. According to the podcast, a video camera recorded Campbell walking into a restroom at a Circle K on the day he disappeared; he had two backpacks over his shoulder but exited the restroom without them.

The KlaasKids Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at helping find missing children, has assisted the family with the search. Campbell has never been married and has no children, so his five siblings are making all possible attempts to find him, according to Kissoon. Kissoon and one of Campbell’s other sisters, Laura Campbell, run the Facebook page Where is Chip Michael Campbell to help keep the community aware of his disappearance and the family’s tireless search.

“We would like to obtain the help of a private detective and/or any other agencies to assist us in this search,” Kissoon said. “Chip only has his siblings. He needs us to continue this search. We fear for his safety and wellbeing.

“Raising funds will help to find an answer to his disappearance, assist him with recovery and/or provide closure for the family. Currently, we are all grieving his departure and would be incredibly grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide. Help us find out what happened to Chip and bring our baby brother home.

“The entire Campbell family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for everyone’s efforts to assist us in finding Chip.”

To donate toward the search for Chip Campbell, visit www.gofundme.com/findchip.