Q92 Community Spotlight

This month Q92 is shining the Community Spotlight on an organization that strives to improve the lives of not only animals but also their owners. Nestled in 30A, Dog-Harmony is an educational animal outreach organization unlike any other.

Founder Nancy Bown is a graduate of the Animal Behavior College in Santa Clarita, Calif., and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). She is a “fear-free” trainer. Unlike many other organizations, the mission of Dog-Harmony is not just to find animals a home but to prevent them from being placed in the shelter to begin with.

“What we see too often in shelters, is that 8 or 9 month-old dog who probably was never given the proper training by their owners and at that point they’re like tornadoes with teeth,” says Bown. “We urge people who are interested in getting a dog to really education themselves and put in the work in those first few months so that they end up with a really well rounded dog.”

Putting in the work, however, doesn’t need to be a chore. Dog-Harmony offers a wide variety of workshops and training classes that are “fear-free,” meaning there will be no striking of the dog or use of any shock collars. Rather, Nancy’s training focuses on enforcing the good behaviors in your pup to snuff out the bad ones. Sound a lot like parenthood to anyone else? Additionally, Dog-Harmony offers low cost micro chipping, spay and neutering to families struggling to financially care for their pet.

Now, with a brand new facility to meet the needs of all of their programs, Dog-Harmony is expanding their efforts to include finding homes for “Mama” dogs. These Mamas have had their puppies adopted out but struggle to find their own homes. Hazel is just one of the first dogs to be taken in at Dog-Harmony’s beautiful new home.

To learn more about all of their education, micro chipping, neutering and adoption services visit: http://dog-harmony.org/


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